Theme tracks

The 4 parallel theme tracks

The four parallel theme tracks are organized on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. The program is the same on both days, so you can choose two tracks. Before the start of the conference, you will be invited to read relevant back ground materials and contribute to knowledge database.

The 4 parallel theme tracks are:

Theme 1: Inspire and Innovate: 21st century leadership

Theme 1 focusses in on innovative leadership. The sessions will inspire you to innovate.


Theme 2: Dream of the future: 21st century pedagogies

Thema 2 focusses in on innovative pedagogic approaches. In this theme, we look through the windows of the future of our schools. We challenge you to dream about the future and ask yourself what we can do today.


Theme 3: Global citizenship: 21st century competences

The sessions in the third parallel track are linked to Global Citizenship. Knowledge and understanding of our different cultures are a key asset for education of tomorrow. Knowledge improves integration, tolerance and ultimately cohesion.


Theme 4: Well being for 21st century kids

In the fourth parallel session, the children are at the centre of our attention. We discuss in what way our changing society effects our children. What effect does social media have on children? What is the role of our schools with respect to the radicalisation? What to do in case of a crisis situation?


Session program

Download the full program to see which sessions are availabe for each theme.