Pricing and costs

Q: Why are there different levels of the conference fee?

A: We learned from past conferences that the conference fee was too high for school leaders from Eastern and some Southern European countries. We therefore reduced the fee for a number of countries.

Q: Do attendees from Western European countries pay for the costs of the Eastern European countries?

A: No, the pricing for wealthy countries has not increased over time.

Q: How can I participate with a limited budget?

A: The conference fee has been reduced significantly for participants from less wealthy countries. Next to the reduced fee, the Grand Hotel L’empereur for example offers low rates for accommodation. These rooms can be used by two and sometimes even three persons.

Q: How can I pay the conference fee?

A: AVS will send you an invoice by mail. This way, you can ask your school to pay the invoice.

Q: How can I pay the hotel costs?

A: The hotel will invoice you directly. The payment of the hotel depends on the hotel. In any case, all hotel costs will be paid by the attendees directly.

Q: Cancellation

A: Once you’ve received the invoice by mail: cancellation is possible by paying administration costs of € 45. You can let someone else participate in your place. In my-event you can edit the name of the attendee. Less then 10 workdays before the event (October 5th) full payment is required on cancellation. Cancellations must be made by mail (info@esha2016.com).

Booking a hotel

Q: How can I book an hotel room?

A: The site includes an honest description of the hotel and its facilities. Next to the description, you will also find a booking code. You can book a room directly on the site of the hotel using the booking code.

Q: Do I have to book a room at a hotel that is recommended by AVS?

A: No, you can book any room at any hotel that you would like. However, it may be convenient to book a room at a recommended hotels because you may need transportation to an event. AVS has arranged that all conference buses will stop at the recommended hotels


Why Maastricht?

In The Netherlands, Maastricht is known as the most beautiful and hospitable town in the country. On 9–10 December 1991, Maastricht hosted the European Council which drafted the treaty of Maastricht. it created the European Union and led to the creation of the single European currency, the euro. The objective of the SAVS is to prepare a statement of directions that will be presented to the European Commission that highlights the main direction of educational according to school leaders.

Cafe Talks

Q: What are cafe talks?

A: Each theme organizes a ‘Cafe talk’ on Wednesday evening. During this gathering you can discuss the topics of your interest with the other attendees and the speakers in an informal atmosphere. All the cafes are located at the Vrijthof Square close to the Theatre. There are no costs associated with the cafe talks.

ESHA dinner

Q: What is the ESHA dinner?

In 2016, the ESHA dinner will be organized at the extra ordinary caves of Chateau Neercannes.
The atmosphere of the caves can be described as intimate with a certain Christmas touch. This year, the dinner will be served throughout the caves. Different rooms have different themes and different music. You will meet your colleagues and friends and enjoy the food and music as you discover the caves.
We prefer you dress formal for this dinner.
If you book book this dinner AVS will provide free transport to and from the provided hotels.


Q: who can I ask for help before the conference?

A: You can send an email to info@esha.org anytime you would like. We are happy to assist you.

Q: who can I ask for help during the conference?

A: You have multiple options:

  1. During the conference, all AVS personnel can assist you.
  2. You can call the ESHA2016 helpdesk. The number will be given to each participant.
  3. You can go to the ESHA2016 service desk at the Grand Hotel L’empereur