The 2016 ESHA Biennial Conference.

Every two years, ESHA and its member associations organize the European school leadership conferences. At the ESHA Biennial conferences all major school leadership topics are discussed. AVS will host the 2016 edition in Maastricht from October 19 to 21. The conference will deal with these important themes and offers you leading keynote speakers, great interactive tracks and theme cafes all in the heart of the beautiful town of Maastricht.

If you have questions, please contact us via: info@esha.org



ESHA, the European School Heads Association, is a professional organisation for European School Heads. Members of ESHA are national organisations for school heads and deputy school heads within primary and secondary education. Nearly all European countries (both EU and non-EU) are represented within ESHA by one or more organisations.

ESHA is an international community in which experiences, visions and views between the members are exchanged and in which new ideas are born.

Aims for ESHA are:

  • discussing and developing views within the ESHA-membership on innovative education and on school leadership
  • promoting these views on the European level
  • influencing the policy of the European institutions (Commission, Parliament)
  • promoting international exchange and cooperation
  • supporting the member organisations to play their role on the national level
  • emphasizing the particular role of the school head and promoting conditions that improve the quality of school leadership


The AVS (Dutch School Heads Association) is a Union and professional association for School Leaders with 5700 members in Primary and Secondary education in the Netherlands. AVS is founded in 1995 (www.avs.nl).

AVS several networks on all major educational issues. AVS hosts also the ESHA Office and supports the ESHA board with financial and secretary duties.